If there is one feature that sets Christmas apart from all other holidays, it is color. Although many other annual events are bright and cheerful, none are quite as cheering as Christmas reds and greens. Much of the Season’s beauty comes from flowers like poinsettias, amaryllis and even roses. Everyone from party planners to parents rely on florists like Scent & Violet to provide the evergreens and flowers for wreaths, centerpieces, decorations and gifts.

Wreaths Provide Classic Beauty

Perhaps nothing quite symbolizes Christmas like genuine wreaths made from greenery and colorful christmas flowers. Big, bold wreaths on front doors provide bright and beautiful welcomes, while smaller versions create a festive atmosphere indoors. Classic wreaths generally consist of evergreens decorated with elegant red bows and a variety of flowers, pine cones, berries and ornaments. The best are freshly made by florists who create custom products to order. However, not of them follow that pattern. Florists routinely design wreaths with anything clients want, including herbs, fruits, ivy and even magnolias.

Centerpieces Add Elegance to Holiday Meals


Almost every holiday table includes some form of centerpiece created using Christmas flower arrangements. Some customers make table decorations by grouping small pots of brilliant flowers together, to form centerpieces. They can then give them out to guests as they leave. Homeowners may order flowers for Christmas and add them to garden containers, to create a unique touch to tables. For those who enjoy a traditional holiday look, red roses, evergreen boughs, cranberries and candles can all be combined to produce an endless variety of elegant centerpieces.

Flowers Make it Easy to Provide a Personal Touch

Florists help make custom Christmas decorating easier. Clients can order in store or shop online and browse a huge number of choices. Even if customers do not get around to ordering until the last minute, established florists like Scents & Violet offer fast flower delivery in Houston. Professionals will provide completed arrangements as well as a range of loose flowers, evergreens, garlands and tiny trees. Creative homeowners can then create their own decorations. Many add garlands to banisters and mantelpieces and place decorated trees in porches, bedrooms and patios. Flower and plant colors are not limited to reds and whites, either. Florists will supply an abundance of peach, pink and plum blooms. Homeowners often combine them with accessories like bayberry candles, mistletoe and lights, to create unforgettable Christmas affects. Of course, flowers and plants of the season also make ideal gifts, whether givers hand them out at gatherings or arrange for professional delivery.

Christmas plants and flowers play a big part in seasonal festivities. Vivid winter blooms can be combined with evergreens and accessories to create an almost endless number of centerpieces, decorations, wreaths and gifts.

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